Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Weekly Comics Round-Up 17/10/2012


While some readers may have come across this particular Michonne story in the pages of Playboy magazine, it's largely new material for the rest of us! Jumping back to the early days of the outbreak, we see Michonne before she was the katanna-wielding badass we've come to know. Initially, she wisely decides to lock herself away with her boyfriend and his best friend (despite him being an out and out idiot). Unfortunately, not knowing how to deal with zombies yet, the boyfriend is bitten before you can say 'all you can eat buffet'. Let's just say the situation doesn't get any better from there. However, it gives us a valuable insight into the beginnings of one of the best characters in comics.

7 out of 10


Spinning out of the summer event 'Avengers vs X-Men', Captain America has become acutely aware of lingering Mutant prejudices, both against them and from them. Looking to put an end to such irrational hatred, he attempts to put together a team of Avengers and X-Men alike. All under the Avengers banner of course, extending the supposed public adoration to their Mutant brethren. His first pick? Ironically enough, disgraced X-leader Cyclops' own brother, Alex Summers aka Havok. The issue also features the latest funeral of Charles Xavier and a cliffhanger so disturbing you have to see to believe. While I didn't remotely enjoy the crossover this series springs from, it's wonderfully written by the talented Rick Remender and beautifully illustrated by John Cassaday. Hopefully this series can pull both franchises back up from the nosedive that was AvX.

8 out of 10


Our first look at the terrifying 'Third Army' came in the Green Lantern Annual several months ago, but due to the need to establish rookie Green Lantern, Simon Baz, their threat has largely been reduced to the back burner. As such, this issue of Green Lantern Corps is one of the first to truly depict their spread out into the universe. Unexpectedly, the Third Army descends upon Guy Gardner's team and he's forced to watch in horror as one of his fellow Lanterns is assimilated and reborn as one of the alien menace. It's a disturbing sequence, as you watch the Corps member in question struggle against conversion, until there's literally nothing left but a faceless creature in the tatters of his former uniform. Obviously a beloved fan favourite like Guy Gardner isn't going to be the sacrificial lamb in this instance, but it is surprising to see him thrown into direct conflict against the Third Army quite so early. This issue was essential to establishing this new threat to the universe and does nothing but enrich the promise of this already highly anticipated crossover.

8 out of 10

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