Monday, 29 April 2013

News: Peter David closes X-Factor Investigations

Since returning in 2004 with the acclaimed 'Madrox: Multiple Choice' mini-series, Peter David's X-Factor has gone from strength to strength, weathering numerous Mutant storms, carving out it's own noir niche in the Marvel Universe. Unfortunately, that comes to an end with September's issue 262, as the writer brings the series to a close.

Rather than facing cancellation or a relaunch, David himself has chosen to end the series. After completing the "Hell on Earth War" storyline, the writer believed he'd reached a natural conclusion.

"It was basically decided that the 'Hell on Earth War' was as major a storyline as we were going to do,"

"I'd been building toward it for so long that it simply seemed a logical culmination to the entire series. So we decided to wrap it up. It's been going for 10 years, after all."

I, for one, will be sad to see the series go. No matter which radical crossover was happening in the core X-Men titles, X-Factor provided a safe haven for casual readers. Off in it's own little corner, it told intelligent standalone tales, that weren't beholden to the rest of the line.

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